The First Ever X Factor USA Winner Is Melanie Amaro! 

The First Ever X Factor USA Winner Is Melanie Amaro! 

Melanie Amaro is officially the first winner of the X Factor USA, she beat out fan favorites Josh Krajcik who placed second and Chris Renee. As part of the grand prize Melanie who was mentored by Simon Cowell won a $5 million recording contract.

The finale show included star studded performances by Justin Beiber, 50 cent, Pit Bull, Neyo and Leona Lewis. Read on to see some of our favorite videos of Melanie Amaro's X Factor performances and the footage from the finale show...

Finale Night 2: X Factor USA 2011 Winner Announced.

Finale Night 1: Melanie Amaro 'Listen' Solo Performance.

X Factor  Top 5 Performance: Melani Amaro "When You Believe".

Melanie Amaro X-Factor audition.

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Who do you think should have won the X Factor USA 2011, Melanie, Chris or Josh? Leave a comment below.
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  1. X Factor is off to a good start the right person won.

  2. so happy Melani won.

  3. I was so torn between her and Josh, they both deserve the win.

  4. Felicia12/23/2011

    I wanted Josh to win he's different there are so many singers like Melanie already.

  5. She's the only one with a good voice and the X factor thats why she won.

  6. Congrats melanie you deserve it girl.

  7. Brianna12/23/2011

    She killed it with that final performance maybe even better than Beyonce.


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