Beauty Tips From Victoria's Secret Model Adriana Lima!

Beauty Tips From Victoria's Secret Model Adriana Lima!

To say that Brazilian model Adriana Lima is stunning would not be an exaggeration. She recently shared her top beauty tips during an interview with Beauty High dishing on everything from how she achieves her bare face glow to tricks for bold lashes and her secret hair care ingredient. Read on for more...

For a bare-faced look, mix shimmer or bronzing power with your moisturizer. 
"If you want the look of very bare skin, you can mix a shimmer powder with your daily lotion—or even with sun block—and apply to your face. It gives you that beautiful glow, even if you have no makeup on." 
Make your lip color do double-duty. 
"Sometimes I take like a little red or pink lipstick and dab it on my lips and on my cheeks. I use the same thing on my lips that I use on my cheeks to give that natural tinted look." 

Moisten your eyeliner pencil before applying. 
"A lot of women have trouble lining their eyes, and what I discovered is that the pencil works better when it is soft and not too dry. It’s better if it's moist—it’s easier to put on and you actually get a more precise line. The Victoria’s Secret Eye Pencil is easy to apply and stays on perfectly." 

Pile on the black mascara for lush lashes every day. 
"My secret for mascara is that you just keep applying on and on and on—especially in the summer, I never take my mascara off, I just keep adding on and I think it’s beautiful. Sometimes I even like to take the brush and purposely touch the skin around the lash line so it looks a little messy. Apply on the top and the bottom—for me, the more you apply the better." 

Flax seed oil is her secret weapon. 
"If you want your hair to grow faster, you can take flax seed oil or a flaxseed pill—just ask your doctor. It’s great! It will make your hair super shiny and it’s going to grow fast." 

What  are your go to beauty routines and will you try Adriana Lima's tips? Leave a comment below.
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  1. love the idea of mixing shimmer powder into your moisturizer bet it lasts longer.

  2. So thats how the vs models get that Jlo glow

  3. Flaz and fish oils are the best.

  4. Lanette12/30/2011

    I do the same thing with my mascara.

  5. mascara increases the to wear it.. best hair loss treatment


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