Get The Look: V Magazine's High Intensity Eye Shadow Colors!

Get The Look: V Magazine's High Intensity Eye Shadow Colors!

While the fashion world is excited that V Magazine chose to feature models instead of celebrities on all four covers of their winter issue, what really has us excited is the vivid use of color in the model's makeup.

Instead of toning down and using more fall appropriate makeup palettes like reds and browns. V magazine went in the opposite direction and gave us a burst of color reminiscent of spring magazine covers. 

Read on to see more photos from V magazine's latest issue and for tips on how to get this colorful duo eye-shadow beauty look.

Get The Look:

We recommend using L'Oreal's high intensity pigments eye-shadow duos shown below. Apply the lighter/brighter color to the inner half of your eye lids and the darker color on the outer portion and crease. You can purchase the eye shadows at L'Oreal online for U.S $7.99 each or at your local drugstore beauty counter.






TIP: If you would like to mix and match the colors exactly as they are shown on the V magazine covers, we recommend that you try the look only at night to reduce the eye-catching almost 'drag queen' effect of the bold colors. 

Have you tried L'Oreal's eye-shadow duos before? And what do you think of V Magazine's model issue beauty look? Leave a comment below.
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  1. Bethany11/08/2011

    omg I'm so trying this.

  2. I have the green and grey and orange and gold ones love them.

  3. I would try it but maybe not as wide on the eye lids.

  4. lol drag queen is right people will be staring me down.

  5. Luv this blog always have some great ideas.

  6. @ Sadie me too I come on here to get ideas on what to wear or how to do my makeup and hair. Thumbs up to the bloggers.


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