A Double Dose of Lady Gaga as she covers Vanity Fair and Elle!

A Double Dose of Lady Gaga as She Covers Vanity Fair and Elle Magazine!

The new year promises a double dose of Lady Gaga as she graces the covers of Vanity Fair and Elle UK January 2012 issues and looks quite glamorous doing so. Read on to see more photos... 

Lady Gaga is also featured on Elle UK'a double cover January 2012 issue:

Photos via Vanity Fair and Elle UK

What do you think of Lady Gaga's Vanity Fair and Elle UK covers and which do you prefer? Leave a comment below.
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  1. she looks amazing in red!

  2. she is stunning

  3. Gaga cleans up nice, she should dress like this all the time and lose the ugly costumes.

  4. wow couldn't recognize her in the 2 pic she's pretty here.

  5. mother monster is looking fineeeee

  6. I luv me some Gaga


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