Star Sightings: Who, What, Where?

Star Sightings: Who, What, Where?

See which celebrities were snapped out and about like Gwyneth Paltrow on the set of her new movie, Beyonce proving that her baby bump is real on the streets of NYC, Taylor Swift launching her new fragrance, Lady Gaga promoting MAC's 'Viva Glam',  Kim Kardashian covering her curves with a Burka in Dubai and much more...

Gwyenth Paltrow on the set of her new movie 'Thanks For Sharing' in Manhattan.

Beyonce puts fake-pregnancy rumors to rest as she shows of her growing baby bump in a peek-a-boo dress in NYC.

Taylor Swift launches her new fragrance WonderStruck at the Macy's in NYC.

Kim Kardashian covers up her famous curves in a Burka while visiting Dubai.

Johnny Depp at the L.A premiere of his new movie Rum Diary.

Prince William and Kate in a red Beulah gown at a Charity Gala in London.

Lady Gaga poses with designer Nicola Formichetti and MAC executives as they promote the Viva Glam campaign.

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in a Doo-Ri Chung gown as they host a White House dinner for the South Korean President and his wife.

Model Alessandra Ambrosio in Hawaii for the launch of the new Victoria's Secret store.

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  1. oh good someone finally got Kim K to cover up, now if she would just stay there.

  2. That pic of the VS model in Hawaii reminds me how badly I need a vacation.

  3. Michelle O fashion is always first rate, I would borrow from her closet.

  4. What is it with Johnny Depp and alcohol, his pirates role is a drunk captain and now a movie about Rum? What are you trying to tell us Johnny?

  5. One photo is all it took to make the Beyonce haters look like idiots for saying she's faking it. tsk

  6. I don't get what all the talk is about, she's clearly pregnant and I saw a pic of her wearing a bikini with her pregnant belly exposed. Poor girl's going to have a miscarriage from all this undue stress.

  7. Kate looks older than her 29 years?


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