Rihanna Feat. Calvin Harris 'We Found Love' Official Music Video!

Rihanna Feat. Calvin Harris 'We Found Love' Official Music Video!

Take a look at Rihanna's new music video for her song 'We Found Love' from her upcoming album 'Talk that Talk'. The video directed by Melina Matsouskas features British boxer Dudley O'Shaughnessy as Rihanna's bad boy love interest.

The video stirred up a lot of controversy when the singer was reportedly asked to leave the farm where she was filming in Ireland because she allegedly stripped down and revealed her breasts for one of the scenes. For the record we do not condone any of the alcohol or drug abuse related behavior depicted in the music video, it is clearly an unhealthy lifestyle and relationship. Read on to watch Rihanna's latest video...

Rihanna on WhoSay

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  1. alex17:20

    Luv Rih everything she touches turns to gold.

  2. Gwenda17:20

    Got that right! It's Riri's time.

  3. Dana17:20

    Oh he's a hot one.

  4. Rena17:21

    Trash pure trash she needs to close her legs.

  5. Yvette17:22

    He looks like Chris Brown but with nicer eyes.

  6. Mike17:23

    Ahaaa Rihanna def has a type and she is not over CB.

  7. Lisa17:23

    Where's the boob scene, guess it got cut.

  8. Wylna17:24

    OMG this is like a movie about Rihanna and Chris Brown doomed relationship.

  9. Penni17:25

    The vid is perfect for the song, I'm happy she had the strength to let go.

  10. Here we go again Rihanna playing the victim and demonizing CB to sell CDs.

  11. Orisa17:30

    So raw, Riri killed it!

  12. Anonymous01:52

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