Naomi Campbell's Bizarre Magazine Covers From Eyebrow-less to Plastic!

Naomi Campbell's Bizarre Magazine Covers From Eyebrow-less to Plastic!

Call us old fashioned but we love the old rule of thumb that a 'woman's hair is a beauty' and while we are totally for the necessary grooming of eyebrows, legs etc. We do not find either of Naomi Campbell's rather bizarre 'bald and plastic' or 'eyebrow-less' magazine covers artistic, revolutionary, or cool. But that's our opinion. Let us know what you think after seeing the covers in question below.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell covers issue 16 of Soon International. Photograph by Seb Janiak.

An eyebrow-less Naomi Campbell covers issue 5 of Lurve magazine.

What do you think of Naomi Campbell's Soon International or Lurve magazine photos? Leave a comment below.

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  1. gayle00:28

    Only Naomi can pull this off thats why shes a super model.

  2. Sadie00:29

    LMFAO at the one with no eyebrows.

  3. Warren00:30

    The plastic robot one is kinda cool her eyes and lips look good.

  4. Yvette00:30

    She looks scary if you stare at it too long.

  5. Pearl00:31

    She's bald and still beautiful can't hate on that.

  6. Mona14:26

    She's ready for Halloween.

  7. Brianna14:27

    It looks like someone poured chocolate over her but then you realize its plastic.

  8. Toya14:28

    Models are plastic/ manikins/ barbie, it's just a play on that concept.

  9. Orisa13:15

    It's different.


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