Nail Candy: NCLA's Boogie Nights Nail Wrap Collection!

Nail Candy: NCLA's Boogie Nights Nail Wrap Collection!

Lately we've been obsessing over foil nail wraps because they require no visit to the manicurist or heat lamps. If you're in the dark on nail wraps, they are artistic designs imprinted on nail shaped foils that you apply directly to your nail bed.  All you need is a sheet of your favorite nail wrap design, a nail file and a top coat or clear nail polish.

Our love for D.I.Y nail art has led us to NCLA and their latest nail wrap collection called Boogie Night's with eye catching designs like electro, mission to mars and ruby shown below. Read on to see more fab designs from NCLA's latest nail wrap collection...


Mission to Mars



Gold Dust

Each nail wrap design comes with 2 sheets of 22 individually cut nail shape foils and retails for only $16 at shopncla .

What do you think of NCLA's nail wrap collection and are you a fan of foil nail wraps? Leave a comment below.
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  1. Porshia10/27/2011

    If it's easy and cheaper than the nail spa I'll try it.

  2. Brianna10/27/2011

    The first one looks like a sunrise against red nail polish gorge!

  3. melissa10/30/2011

    Foil wraps are the best and they won't damage your nails like the acrylics.


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