The Fashionista's News Guide October 19 2011!

The Fashionista's News Guide October 19 2011!

A look at this week's entertainment and celebrities news including the latest headlines, 'Judge revokes Lindsay Lohan's probation, Patrick Swayze's new wax figure, Jennifer Lopez on her rumored romance with actor Bradley Cooper and more...

Jennifer Lopez weighs in on the tabloid stories about her relationship with Bradley Cooper.
Jennifer Lopez launched her Clothing and Home Collection for Kohl's in Connecticut today, but the questions were less about her designs and more about her rumored budding romance with 'The Hangover' actor Bradley Cooper. 

The pair was recently caught on camera while leaving a restaurant in Bradley's car with a camera shy Lopez using her hands to hide her face. Jennifer neither denied or acknowledged their dating/relationship status by stating to the press...

"As a mom, and having children, right now they're my first priority. And because of them, I wouldn't ever comment on anything until I'm in a serious relationship again. 'It would just be confusing for them and it would be unfair. And so at the end of the day, it's about them."

Patrick Swayze's iconic "Dirty Dancing' scene is recreated by Madame Tussauds in Hollywood.
Lisa Niemi wife of  late actor Patrick Swayze was on sight at the Madame Tussauds Hollywood location for the unveiling of his wax figure, which recreates the classic log crossing scene from his movie 'Dirty Dancing.' 

Lisa was involved in the creation of the rather impressive wax figure which she says captured "Patrick's confident, but mischievous look." She continued "It became clear to me that someone had put a lot of love into this, for a man I loved so very much."

First look at Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's twins Monroe and Moroccan. Here is your first look at Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's twins Monroe and Moroccan taken during their in home interview with Barbara Walters for their upcoming  appearance on ABC's 20/20 TV show.

No photos of the twins have been made available to the press since their birth, the Barbara Walters interview can be considered their official public debut.

During the interview Nick commented on the twins personalities stating "'My daughter is a diva. My son is laid back. When he wakes up, he wakes up smiling. He'll wait for a minute and if he's hungry, he'll let you know. 'My daughter is just instant, she goes in and will not stop crying til you give her what she wants. It's like sleep and then screaming. My Daughter is just on all the time."

Courtney Love ordered to pay more than $100,000 for not returning borrowed jewelry.

"Courtney Love has been ordered to pay more than $100,000 to a celebrity jeweller after failing to return gems she borrowed for a charity event. 

The singer had claimed that she returned the diamond earrings and bracelets borrowed from jeweler to the stars Jacob Arabo. But the New York based jeweler said the expensive gems were never handed back and sued Love.

...A judge has now ruled Love must pay up for the missing gems as she was responsible for making sure they were returned safely to the jewellers Jacob & Co. Love, 47, had borrowed two white gold diamond chains, a white gold mesh bracelet and diamond earrings to wear to a charity event last year. " Full Article

Lindsay Lohan's probation has been revoked.
Judge Stephanie Sautner has revoked Lindsay Lohan's probation for not completing the mandatory community service program (volunteering at a Women's Shelter) which she was fired from.  

In a bid to avoid being sent back to jail Lindsay attended a shoplifter's class last night but that was not enough to stop the job from revoking her probation pending a November 2nd hearing. Lindsay left the court room in tears and in handcuffs but is expected to make bail by the end of today.

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  1. Lindsay= Courtney in 15 years lol.

  2. Lindsay Lohan is a mess.

  3. Larissa10/19/2011

    What a cute family, I didn't think Nick and Mariah would get this far but good for them.

  4. Whatever JLo you dating the guy and you know it, his a hot one no shame in that.

  5. Lindsay needs a good old fashioned whooping so she can get her ish right.

  6. She needs to spend some time in jail for real, just keeping f*ing up.

  7. RIP Patrick Swayze.

  8. Jlo is still so hot after giving birth to twins.

  9. Dirty Dancing is one of my all time best movies, so sad how he died.


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