Fab Finds: Nail Polish That Changes Color In The Sun, NFL Teams and Footloose Nail Polish Collection!

Fab Finds: Nail Polish That Change In The Sun, NFL Teams and 'Footloose' Nail Polish Collection!

In our hunt for Fab beauty products we came across these nail polish collections that will please the sporty fashionista, the movie buff or anyone looking for nail polish with a cool factor. 

Read on to see photos of the NFL Nail Polish collection, the 'Footloose' movie collection and our favorite Blaze's solar active nail polish collection, which changes color in the sun.

NFL Teams Nail Polish Set:

'Glam up your game day look with this 2-piece NFL nail polish set from KE Specialties'. The Philadelphia Eagles (above) and Chicago Bears (below) team color nail polish retails for $14.99.

'Footloose' Movie Nail Polish Collection by Deborah Lippmann:
Inspired by her fondness for the original and remake of the movie 'Footloose' Deborah Lippmann has created a nail polish collection in colors that represent classic scenes from both movies. Lippmann said...

The collection comes in sets of two and retails for $32 on HSN.

"Almost Paradise is a playful pistachio inspired by the Volkswagen Beetle from the original and the new movie," "Footloose, a rebellious red, was (of course) inspired by Arielle's iconic red cowboy boots.

...Let's Hear It For the Boy, the baby blue shade in the collection, was inspired by acid-wash jeans. Gotta love the Levi's, and the way this song is presented in the remake is fantastic! And Dancing in the Sheets, a deep midnight purple shimmer, was inspired by the final hurrah when the ban was lifted and everyone danced all night long with confetti everywhere! I found this so uplifting and inspiring."

Blaze color change nail polish:
The solar active line of color change products now includes 'Blaze' color change nail polish, true it's name the nail polish shown below appears as the lighter color before and changes to the darker color in the sun. Featured below is the Glitz on Madison collection which adds more sparkle. Each nail polish retails for $12.95.

Which nail polish collection would you love to own? Leave a comment below.
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  1. I want to try the changing color polish.

  2. Sports team nail polish, that's brilliant why didn't I come up with the idea, sports fanatics will buy anything in their team color.

  3. It's like having one color on during the day and another at night without getting a fresh manicure, I'm so getting it.

  4. OMG I'm a nail polish addict can never have enough now I'm going to get all of these smh.


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