This Week's Celebrity Quote by Angelina Jolie!

This Week's Celebrity Quote by Angelina Jolie!

In the past few years since filming the movie 'Tomb Raider' in Cambodia actress Angelina Jolie has become as renowned for her humanitarian work and role as a U.N Ambassador as she has for her acting career. Below are a few of her quotes on  her own transition and making a concerted effort to help those who are suffering...

"I've started to really become aware of the world we live in, what's really going on... It's not like I did things that made much of a difference but something had changed. I'd gone outside my own little world... It was inspiring to be around these people who are in the field every day, helping people who help people."...

"We cannot close ourselves off to information and ignore the fact that millions of people are out there suffering. I honestly want to help. I don't believe I feel differently from other people. I think we all want justice and equality, a chance for a life with meaning. All of us would like to believe that if we were in a bad situation someone would help us."

What do you think of Angelina Jolie's quotes and do you/will you be performing an act of charity? Leave a comment below.
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  1. Looks like she does it for genuine reasons unlike some celebs who do it for publicity.

  2. Hailey9/12/2011

    good quotes

  3. My family and I volunteer at our local soup kitchen, it's always a fun, fulfilling family activity.


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