Style Jury: You Decide Are They 'Fashion and Beauty' Fab or Overkill?

Style Jury: You Decide Are They Fashion & Beauty Fab or Overkill?

From celebrities to designer runway shows to street style, you get to decide if they are 'fashion and beauty' fab or if not adhering to the 'less is more' style rule makes them  fashion overkill

Model at designer John Rocha show, London Fashion Week Spring 2012.

Model at designer Vivienne Westwood show, London Fashion Week Spring 2012.

Model at designer Corrie Nielsen show, London Fashion Week Spring 2012.

Lady Gaga spotted barely walking in 24 inch heels in New York's meat packing district last week.

Nicki Minaj spotted at designer Carolina Herrara's NY Fashion Week show.

Pearls, crystals and chain studded Nail Manicure. (image via tumblr)

We would love to know what you decided, which was your pick for fashion fab or fashion overkill? Leave a comment below.
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  1. The nails are too much lol.

  2. Gaga #1 and Gaga #2 (nicki), always over do it.

  3. bahaha is Gaga working the camera or about to fall over?

  4. Nashla9/19/2011

    hehehe the second model photo her hair looks like a birds nest and #3 looks like a ram or something.

  5. Adrien9/19/2011

    24 inches Lady Gaga all kinds of crazy, what's next stilts?

  6. Nicki and Gaga choose to look like fools but I feel sorry for the models.

  7. melissa9/19/2011

    All overkill!


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