Sneak Peek Inside Gucci's New Florence Museum!

Sneak Peek Inside Gucci's New Florence Museum!

To celebrate its 90th anniversary Fashion house Gucci unveiled its museum in Florence, Italy aptly named the 'Gucci Museo'. The museum which covers over 18,600 square feet and spans three floors is arranged by themes that celebrate the brands iconic fashion history.

Gucci's President and CEO Patrizio di Marco said "The intent is to tell our story and make it visible for everyone, doing something with and for this city." As for the decision to open the museum in Florence he said that the museum is "an homage to the city. Although Gucci is a truly international company, we are a Florentine success story."  Fifty percent of the museum's ticket proceeds will go towards the restoration of artistic monuments in Florence. 

Take a look at some of the fabulous items featured in the new Gucci Museo...

The Flora design, originally created by painter Vittorio Accornero for Grace Kelly in the Sixties and last updated in 2005 by Giannini...

Gucci Totes and Handbags

A 1979 limited edition Cadillac Seville designed by Guccio (Gucci’s son.)

Gucci Suitcases

Photos by Andrea Delbo

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  1. Bianka9/27/2011

    It's on my list for my next trip to Italy!

  2. I ♥ my Gucci bags, I'd have a heart attack in the museum.

  3. What a waste of money they made their own museum lol.


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