Jennifer Lopez Official 'Papi' Music Video!

New Music: Jennifer Lopez Official 'Papi' Music Video!

In her latest music video for her song 'Papi', the newly single Jennifer Lopez finds herself chased around by hoards of men trying to win her love and all because she took a bite from a love cookie. In the end she drives away with her true love, if only it was that easy in real life. Take a look at Jennifer Lopez mini chick-flick music video...

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  1. Jacky17:21

    It reminds me of the movie love potion #9.

  2. Yatty17:22

    Lol this is actually cool and funny.

  3. Dahlia17:22

    Nice vid but cheezy at the end.

  4. Penni17:23

    I want to eat the whole cookie!

  5. laura17:23

    That's what I'm saying where do I find the woman who bakes those cookies?

  6. Rosa17:24

    Omg she's barely separated and she already makes a video about all men wanting her, she's so full of it!

  7. Minty18:50

    Jennifer doesn't need to eat a love cookie for men to chase her, she's gorgeous.


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