New Movie Trailer: 'J.Edgar' Starring Leonardo Dicaprio!

New Movie Trailer: 'J.Edgar' Starring Leonardo Dicaprio!

The Clint Eastwood directed biopic is based on the life of former FBI Director J.Edgar Hoover. The star studded cast includes Leonardo Dicaprio as J. Edgar Hoover, Judi Dench,  Josh Lucas, Armie HammerNaomi Watts and Ed Westwick. 'J.Edgar' will be released in theaters on November 9th.

Take a look at the newly released movie trailer...

What do you think of the 'J.Edgar' trailer and will you go watch the movie? Leave a comment below.
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  1. Brad15:31

    Oscar for Leo finally!

  2. Reese15:32

    Looks like a good movie, doubt they will give him an Oscar though they owe him for shutter island, blood diamond and catch me if you can.

  3. Anna15:33

    He's a great actor, I might see it just because he's in it.

  4. Megan15:35

    It looks like the film will show his good and bad side. Should be interesting.


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