Michelle Williams Channels Marilyn Monroe for Vogue and Lara Stone does Elizabeth Taylor for V magazine!

Michelle Williams Channels Marilyn Monroe for Vogue and Lara Stone does Elizabeth Taylor for V magazine!

Actress Michelle Williams covers Vogue's October issue as Marilyn Monroe, whose life she re-enacts in her upcoming movie 'My Week With Marilyn'. Michelle also gives her first interview about fiancee Heath Ledger since his death, she talks about how it impacted her life and moving on...

Photo by Annie Lebovitz for Vogue.

The trend of celebrities paying homage to iconic women like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe continues, first we brought you the photo of Kate Winslet as Elizabeth Taylor for V magazine's 'Heroes' issue.  Now here is another glamorous photo of model Lara Stone's imitation of Elizabeth Taylor's infamous lingerie photo-shoot also featured in V magazine.

Photo via V magazine.

Who do you think did  a better imitation of the late Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe? Leave a comment below.
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  1. Porshia13:46

    easily Michelle Williams

  2. Carol13:47

    Kate Winslet looked more like Elizabeth Taylor than Lara.

  3. Debra13:48

    Lara Stone has model beauty not the drop dead gorgeous face that Elizabeth Taylor had. No comparison.

  4. Glen13:49

    @ Debra I agree 100%

  5. Macy13:51

    Quite Frankly I don't think either of them do justice to Elizabeth or Marilyn. Kate Winslet should have played Marilyn.


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