The Fashionista's Guide to Current Events and World News September 15 2011!

The Fashionista's Guide to Current Events and World News September 15 2011!

FBI Tackles Celebrities Nude Photo Leaks
"The FBI is investigating computer hacking attacks on celebrities after photos which appear to show Scarlett Johansson nude were posted online.

The images, apparently taken by the actress, follow the leaking of naked photos of stars including Jessica Alba. The FBI said it was investigating "the person or groups responsible for a series of computer intrusions involving high-profile figures"

... Hacked photos of Justin Timberlake and his Friends With Benefits co-star Mila Kunis have also appeared online, according to reports. Laura Eimiller, of the FBI's Los Angeles office, said dozens of stars had been the victims of hackers who had stolen personal information from email and other accounts. She did not name any alleged victims "due to the pending nature of our investigation"."  Full Article

Central Banks Act as Economy Hits 'Dangerous New Phase'
Christine Lagarde
"Five central banks have announced a coordinated move to try to help the financial system, as the boss of the International Monetary Fund warns of a "dangerous" new economic phase.

The central banks are to provide commercial banks with three additional tranches of loans to help ease funding pressures.

...IMF managing director Christine Lagarde said "bold action" was needed. Speaking in Washington, she said: "Uncertainty hovers over sovereigns across the advanced economies, banks in Europe, and households in the United States. "Without collective, bold, action, there is a real risk that the major economies slip back instead of moving forward."

She added that the debt woes in the eurozone also risked harming economies in the developing world. "If the advanced economies succumb to recession, the emerging markets will not escape," said Ms Lagarde." Full Article

Palestinians Set Date for UN Bid for Statehood
Riad Malki
"The Palestinians say they will ask for full membership at the UN next week, though they are still prepared to consider a "credible" alternative. Unless such an offer comes, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas will submit the application on 23 September, spokesman Riad Malki said.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said he would address the UN's annual gathering on Israel's objections to the move.  Senior US envoys are in the region, trying to avert a Palestinian bid.

The last round of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians broke down a year ago. Since then, the Palestinians have pursued a campaign to join the UN as a full member state with international recognition, based on their 1967 borders and with East Jerusalem as a capital. But Israel and the US say a Palestinian state can only be achieved through direct negotiation." Full Article

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  1. Yessia9/15/2011

    When are people going to stop taking naked photos with their phones.

  2. You would think other celebs would stop that ish after one phone gets hacked smh.

  3. Wesley9/15/2011

    THANK YOU hackers that pic of scar jo made my day =D

  4. When the world economy goes down the crappers we can all take comfort watching nude photos of Scarlett.


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