The Fashionista's Guide to Current Events and World News September 6 2011!

The Fashionista's Guide to Current Events and World News September 6 2011!

Texas Wildfire Destroys 1000 Homes 
"Dozens of wildfires raging in rain-starved Texas are now known to have engulfed more than 1,000 homes, say state officials...The biggest of the blazes - 16 miles (26km) wide - in rural Bastrop County remained completely uncontained early on Tuesday... Powerful gusts from Tropical Storm Lee have been fanning the flames. Texas has been suffering its worst drought since the 1950s." Full Article

Economy Fears: US and Europe Shares Fall Further
"US and European shares have both fallen as concerns continue about the high level of eurozone debt, as well as the risk of a return to recession on both sides of the Atlantic... In the US, data out last week showed that no new jobs were added to the US economy in August...To make matters worse, the White House warned that the unemployment rate in the US was likely to stay at about 9% till the end of 2012... 

The global stock market turmoil comes in reaction to a continuing series of bad economic figures from the US and Europe... A core concern over the high levels of government debt in the eurozone is how they will affect the banking sector... "It's the European disease that is infecting markets all around the world at the moment," said Michael Heffernan of Austock Group." Full Article

Famine Could Kill 750, 000 In Coming Months
"A famine spreading through Somalia is killing more than a hundred children each day, the U.N. said Monday, and warned that hundreds of thousands more people may die in the coming months unless they receive urgent help.

...Hungry people are only waiting for death," said Nor Anshur, a father of five who lost one of his children in the Bay region, a former agricultural breadbasket that the U.N. declared Somalia's sixth famine zone on Monday. "We saw our neighbors' children and elderly people dying every day for lack of food... Conditions are even worse in areas controlled by the Islamist insurgency, which holds much of southern Somalia. It has forbidden many aid agencies to work in its territory where the famine is most severe." Full Article

Japan Searches for Missing Victims of Typhoon Talas
"Japanese rescue teams are continuing the search for dozens of people missing after Typhoon Talas ripped through the west of the country... At least 37 people have been killed by the storm, which made landfall on Shikoku island on Saturday, triggering floods. " Full Article

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  1. Tristan9/06/2011

    Those poor people in Somalia smh.

  2. Say what? Japan is like the vacation spot for natural disasters.

  3. wow japan again?

  4. How about that another recession right before the next election.

  5. Crazy times we live in.


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