This Week's Celebrity Quote by Mary J. Blige!

This Week's Celebrity Quote by Mary J. Blige!

"Society paints this picture where you have to have the longest hair and the thinnest body and you can't help but want to be that beautiful person you see on that picture. But then you have to start asking yourself the question - is that realistic for you? I began to ask myself those questions: Who am I working out for? Who am I looking good for? When I look in the mirror who do I want to please? Do I want to please people or do I want to please Mary first? 

So I began to want to please myself first. I can't please everybody. I can't  be the slimmest girl. Be the best you that you can be. I was drawing negative people around me with my negative thoughts. You gotta change the way you think about yourself or else everyone's going to think whatever you're thinking about yourself."

Are you a fan of the iconic singer Mary J. Blige and what do you think about her quote? Leave a comment below.
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  1. Donna14:39

    I luv Mary.

  2. Preach mary, dats d truth!

  3. Gerard21:55

    She been thru some shit but she bounced back nice.

  4. Kara21:56

    Mary J is already a legend in her own right.

  5. Tasha21:57

    Nothing but respect for her, wise words.


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