Stylish or Excessive: Rihanna's $22,000/Week Hair Care, Poker-Star with 1200 Pairs of Shoes and Diamond Contact Lenses?

Stylish or Excessive: Rihanna's $22,000/Week Hair Care, Poker-Star with 1200 Pairs of Shoes and Diamond Contact Lenses?

Are they stylish or are their fashion and beauty regimes excessive even for the rich and famous, see their stories below and let us know what you think.

According to the Daily Mail, pop star Rihanna pays a whopping $3,200 U.S a day to her celebrity stylist Ursula Stephen to style and maintain her formerly red hair/wigs. That's over $22,000 a week on the red wigs that earned her the nickname Side Show Bob (based on the character from TV show 'The Simpsons'). So what do you think is Rihanna's Hair Care regime stylish or Excessive?

Professional Poker Player Beth Shak has three shoe closets in her NY Park Avenue pad, why so many closets just for shoes, because she owns 1200 pairs, which includes 700 pairs of Christian Louboutins valued at nearly $500,000. Beth Shak told NY Post "To me, his shoes are like fine art..."It's like wearing a piece of jewelry..I have people say, 'Where can you get these?' And I'm like, 'You can't. I have the only pair'." So what do you think is Beth Shak's shoe collection stylish or excessive?

Beth Shak photographed in one of her shoe closets. Photo via NY

Remember when wearing color contact lenses was all the rage? Could the next beauty trend be "Diamond Eyes? Shekhar Eye Research has created the world's first diamond contact lenses. The lenses are gold plated and contains 18 sparkly diamonds inside. The creator of the lenses Chandrashekhar Chawan first tried using gold dust, but decided it wasn't sparkly enough, he was inspired by his wife who had diamonds planted on her teeth to use diamonds in the contact lenses as well, and they will cost you a hefty $15,000.

Chandrashekhar Chawan told "I got mixed responses — some said its looks scary, but most of the people loved it... Bollywood personalities loved the concept, that it’s going to be the ‘in thing’ in fashion soon... Look at Lady Gaga and her followers," Chawan added. "People take time to digest [new fashion], until some celebrity starts using it." So what do you think are Diamond contact lenses stylish or excessive?

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What do you think are they stylish or excessive? Leave a comment below.
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  1. Rihanna needs a new stylist ME!

  2. -O WTH 22000 a week for that horrible wig? What a waste.

  3. Zombie eyes lol

  4. Terri14:16

    Riri that stylist is stealing yo money, donate it to me plz.

  5. pinky14:18

    1200 pairs of shoes, #shoe envy!

  6. It's all a waste of money,smh at rich people.

  7. Cathy14:21

    dumb dumbs wasting money on shoes and wigs and getting tax breaks,while the economy goes to shitsville.

  8. Hanna14:24

    crazy 1200 pairs, thats a pair a day for more than 3 years, lucky b*tch!

  9. Eric14:25

    I bet those contacts look cool at night!


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