A Sneak Peek Inside Gerard Butler's NYC Loft!

A Sneak Peek Inside Gerard Butler's NYC Loft!

In the past we've featured design and decor photos of homes owned by female celebrities and celebrity couples but today we take you inside the man cave, straight from the stone ages, NYC loft of Scotland native and Hollywood hunk Gerard Butler.

The 3,300 square foot loft was designed by architect Alexander Gorlin and renowned movie set designer Elvis Restaino, (who designed famous movie sets like Star Wars and Moulin Rouge.) Restaino spoke with Architectural Digest about the inspiration for the loft's design, he said "We recreated things that came into Gerry’s life—from his travels in Europe or even from an old coffee shop in New York."  

Take a look at a few photos from Gerard Butler's redesigned old world Manhattan loft below. We especially love the distressed walls, aged wood and overall rustic charm.

Gerard Butler in his Manhattan loft.

The entrance with Grecian style columns, archway and a mural ceiling.

A view of the loft's Theater and Dinning Room.

An up close view of the Dining Room and it's set of three chandeliers.

The Kitchen's cupboards and back splash were created from Gerard's left over and recycled flooring.

The Theater which Restaino referred to as "the most intimate area of the home."

View of the office.
Photos via Architectural Digest

What do you think of Gerard Butler's NYC loft and which design/decor elements would you try? Leave a comment below.

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  1. hooooo so strong and earthy.

  2. Not what I was expecting, but him being from Scotland this makes sense.

  3. This is like stepping out of the city and into the 1300s, all he needs is a dungeon!

  4. Forget the pad he's so hot!

  5. Its like another world but in the city.

  6. Brilliant design.


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