Cee Lo Green's 'Cry Baby' Music Video Turns Nerdy Steve Urkel into a Chick Magnet!

Cee Lo Green's 'Cry Baby' Music Video Turns Nerdy Steve Urkel into a Chick Magnet!

Blast from the past, Cee Lo Green has resurrected the nerdy character Steve Urkel from the sitcom 'Family Matters' for his latest music video titled 'Cry Baby'. The nerdy but adorable Steve Urkel played by actor Jaleel White is all grown up and has become a hunky chick magnet.

In the music video, he plays a younger version of Cee Lo Green, as he charms the ladies and breaks hearts.  Take a look at Steve Urkel in the 'Cry Baby' music video below as well as a funny clip of the Steve Urkel dance from back in the day.

Cee Lo Green's 'Cry Baby' Music Video:

Funny Clip of the Steve Urkel Dance:

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  1. lmbo welcome back Urkel

  2. I used to luv that show

  3. Dammm Urkel got all sexy

  4. go urkel go urkel #lmpo at the old school urkel dance


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