Beyonce's 'Strictly Sexy' for Harper's Bazaar UK. Plus Her Take On Feminism!

Beyonce's 'Strictly Sexy' for Harper's Bazaar UK. Plus Her Take On Feminism!

Beyonce landed the coveted September cover of Harper's Bazaar UK 'Strictly Sexy' issue, with stunning yet supermodel worthy shots. The photo-shoot by Alexi Lubomirski took place at the Paris Ritz Hotel and features Beyonce in designs by Armani, Hermes, Lanvin and Alaia.

In her interview she discusses the next chapter of her life as she 'transitions as a woman, feminism, performing in Egypt, working with Lady Gaga and her friendship with Gwyneth Paltrow. See below for photos, a behind the scenes video and excerpts from Beyonce's Harper's Bazaar UK interview.

On being a feminist and the Feminism movement:
"I don’t really feel that it’s necessary to define it. It’s just something that’s kind of natural for me, and I feel’s, like, what I live for." 
"I need to find a catchy new word for feminism, right? Like Bootylicious."

On women who only socialize with men.
"I’m afraid when women never hang around with other women. That’s a little scary to me – why is that?"

On women she admires:
She admits that Gwyenth Paltrow is her role model because "she pushes her boundaries all the time. You go to her house and she makes you feel like you never want to go home. She is what I strive to be one day."

Behind The Scenes Video:

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  1. Great pics and vid!

  2. Ahhh Paris )

  3. I noticed that too Beyonce's photos are becoming more professional, someone's been working on her poses.

  4. Taylor8/04/2011

    Very glamorous and love her smokey eye.

  5. Her clothes, makeup and pose are on point.

  6. B is so beautiful, don't get how people can hate on her, she's #1.


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