Bebe's Sexy 'Work Wear' Collection!

Bebe's Sexy 'Work Wear' Collection!

Bebe has released their first work wear collection and while a few of the designs may violate your work wear policy, we think they're perfect for a night out after a long day at the office. See our favorites from Bebe's sexy work wear collection below.

Which designs from Bebe's new collection would you love to own? Leave a comment below.
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  1. Viki14:57

    These clothes will either get you fired or sexually harassed at work.

  2. Macy14:59

    The first five are really cute, the others are not for work.

  3. Sammy15:01

    Pretty fuschia dress.

  4. Those are some really ravishing looks recreated in your post. Would love to recreate them with Bebe dresses from Major Brands


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