WSJ's 'Cruise Into Autumn' Super Stylish Photo-Spread!

WSJ's 'Cruise Into Autumn' Super Stylish Photo-Spread!

WSJ recently did a photo-spread celebrating the glamour of the 70s with the theme 'Cruise Into Autumn'. Take a look at our favorite photos from the fab shoot by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello with styling by Samuel Francois

Dior dress with a Gucci hat.

Chloe shearling coat, blazer and pants with Emilio Pucci blouse and a Louis Vuitton hat.

Dolce & Gabbana jacket, Giorgio Armani pants and blouse, Missoni shoes and a Charvet Scarf.

Valentino coat, Missoni pants and shoes, Gucci hat and a Charvet scarf.

Gucci coat, jumpsuit and hat with Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.

Celine Coat, Louis Vuitton hat and a Charvet scarf.

What do you think of WSJ's 'Cruise Into Autumn' photo-spread and which designs would you love to own? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Lorden15:23

    Great photographs!

  2. bianka15:24

    Luv the concept.

  3. fabien15:24

    I feel like cruising too.

  4. Sarah15:25

    That Gucci jacket is to die for!

  5. Lisa16:09

    ♥ the pink fur coat :)

  6. Jayla21:15

    love it!


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