Summer Hair Trends: Best Braids and Buns To Keep Cool In The Sweltering Heat!

Summer Hair Trends: Best Braids and Buns To Keep Cool In The Sweltering Heat!

The recent summer heat and humidity has forced us to come up with creative ways to keep our hair from turning into a frizzy mess, while staying cool by keeping those locks off our neck and back. We've rounded up our favorite braid and bun hairstyles that are effortlessly D.I.Y whether you're going for a casual, professional or chic look.

Whitney Port's Braided Top Bun: Why simply braid or have a bun when you can do both? This is the perfect casual hair style which can be dressed up by adding a pair of gorgeous earrings. 

Jennifer Lopez's Slicked-Back Bun: Perfect for a night out and special events. Simply wet your hair and comb it back into a bun. Use your usual hair products to keep it in place.


Nicole Kidman's Fishtail Side Braid: One of our favorite red carpet looks from this year was Nicole's side braid. Keep the look casual by leaving a few strands to fall loosely on your face.

Emma Stone's Bang-Free Boho Twist & Low Side-Bun: This is a smart way to keep bangs of your face, simply twist and pin your bang to the side with bobby pins. The rest of her hair is placed in a loose and low side bun. 

Kim Kardashian's Banded Messy Bun: This style is perfect for the gym or a day of running errands. It's easy with no fuss. Simply place your hair in a top bun, no need for brushing or hair products. Then add a hair band.

The reverse Braid Top Bun: We're obsessed with this style where the braid starts at the nape of the neck and ends with a top bun.

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Which summer braid or bun will you try out? Leave a comment below.
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  1. Anonymous7/22/2011

    That was a neat job. My essay was done accurately, precisely and exactly to the point.

  2. bianka7/22/2011

    Can't braid but I really like the bun so simple.

  3. Kendall7/22/2011

    Luv Kim and Whitney's hair.

  4. I like the relaxed bun the tight ones live you with a neck and head pain.

  5. Really like Nicole braid kinda like the ones Serena has on gossip girl.

  6. The last style is super cute think I'll attempt it today.

  7. Im trying every one before summer ends )

  8. Carrey8/01/2011

    Perfect thanks for the hairstyles.


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