Maldives Underwater Restaurant & Hotel Suites!

Maldives Underwater Restaurant & Hotel Suites!

Let's just say the photos speak for themselves, and as beautiful as the Maldives Islands are so is the concept of  feasting on a delicious meal while watching the fishes swim all around you in the beautiful turquoise water. 

This amazing underwater restaurant called Ithaa is located on Rangali island, seats 15 feet below the Indian ocean and is surrounded by a coral reef. It was built in 2007 as part of the Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa now known as Conrad Maldives.

See below for breathtaking photos of the restaurant and underwater room suites below.

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  1. Incredible photos.

  2. Travis7/18/2011

    wow this is unreal

  3. It must be terrifying sleeping in there what if it leaks?

  4. Beautiful, would love to visit.

  5. Carlton7/18/2011

    Daag Real life mermaids

  6. Very pretty!


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