Magazine Fab: Super Model Claudia Schiffer's Harper's Bazaar UK vs Vogue Germany Covers!

Magazine Fab: Super Model Claudia Schiffer's Harper's Bazaar UK vs Vogue Germany Covers!

The 1990s supermodels continue to make their mark on the fashion and magazine industries. Supermodel Claudia Schiffer now joins the list of models, who are proving that aging does not mean the end of one's career. 

The supermodel who is currently the face of Chanel's eye wear is also gracing the summer covers of two of the biggest international fashion magazines. See Claudia Schiffer's Vogue Germany and Harper's Bazaar UK covers below.

Which Claudia Schiffer cover do you prefer? Leave a comment below.
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  1. Vogue wins, her photo has a sense of mystery.

  2. I choose Bazaar looks more like a summer cover fun and colorful.

  3. Whats with vogue and the gothic black even in summer sheeesh

  4. cherise7/20/2011

    Luv her beach hat!

  5. She's still so beautiful.


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