The Fashionista's Guide to Current Events and World News July 22, 2011!

The Fashionista's Guide to Current Events and World News July 22, 2011!

The Duchess of Cambridge wedding dress which was designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, will go on display this Saturday. A replica of her bridal bouquet and William and Kate's tiered wedding cake will also be on display at Buckingham palace during their annual summer opening, which ends October 3rd.

"The Heat Starts Early, Then Breaks a Record. "The temperature climbed to 104 in New York City — 2 degrees shy of the city’s record — and 106 in Newark, the highest temperature ever recorded there, as a heat wave around the region intensified on Friday afternoon... according to the National Weather Service, it felt like 115 degrees in New York City.Full Article

"Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver's 13-year-old son is expected to make a full recovery after being hospitalized for injuries suffered during a boogie board accident on the beach.
Earlier today, reported that the teenager has been in the intensive care unit "for days" after enduring "multiple broken bones and a collapsed lung" during a Malibu, Calif., surfing accident..Shriver and Schwarzenegger have been at their son's side through the ordeal in spite of their very public falling out and divorce." Full Article

Breaking News: "Twin terror attacks rocked Norway on Friday when a bomb wrecked government buildings, including the prime minister's office...In Oslo, police confirmed at least seven dead in the blast. " FullArticle 
"In a second attack a gunman dressed as a police officer opened fire at an island youth camp near Oslo. NRK is quoting witnesses as saying at least five and perhaps 20 or more people may have been killed at Utoya, some of them shot as they tried to swim to safety from the island. It stressed that police had not confirmed the accounts. Police said the two attacks were linked." Full Article

"Hundreds of thousands of Syrians across the country took to the streets on Friday, defying a brutal crackdown by security forces and demanding the end of President Basharal - Assad’s government.
Friday’s demonstrations, under the slogan of unity, came a week after a wave of sectarian bloodshed in Homs, Syria’s third-largest city, claimed the lives of at least two dozen people. The violence signaled a dangerous turn in the four-month popular uprising against Mr. Assad, who has been in power since 2000." Full Article

"Better regulation is needed to govern rapidly expanding research in animals containing human tissue or genes, the Academy of Medical Sciences says. It said such studies were necessary for medical research, but that new ethical issues could emerge and called for a national body of experts. It said "category three" experiments on monkey brains, resulting in "human-like" behaviour, should be banned. The government said it would consider the recommendations." Full Article

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  1. Poor animals

  2. # crazy heat needs to go away!

  3. 115 wtf? felt like i was melting.

  4. Betram7/22/2011

    What kind of crazy idiot shoots at kids?

  5. Sorry for the victims and their families in Norway.

  6. Carie-anne7/22/2011

    Arnold is having a bad luck streak.

  7. ♥ goes out to Norway.

  8. What happened in Norway was gruesome.


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