The Fashionista's Guide to Current Events and World News July 21, 2011!

The Fashionista's Guide to Current Events and World News July 21, 2011!

"The mid-Atlantic and Midwest woke up sweating on Thursday, in the clutches of a massive heat wave that has already killed at least 22 people this week and was expected to tighten its grip through the weekend. 
The National Weather Service issued excessive heat warnings for wide swaths of the country's midsection and East Coast, saying the combination of heat and humidity could spike the heat index, or "real feel" of the warmth, to 115 degrees Fahrenheit through Saturday." Full Article

Former Presidential candidate John Edwards campaign was ordered on Thursday to repay $2.3 million to the U.S treasury. The unanimous decision by the Federal Election Commission was made after federal auditors accused the Edwards campaign of understating cash and overstating expensesThis decision is separate from John Edward's felony charges based on allegations that he broke campaign financing laws and used political campaign funds to cover up his affair with Rielle Hunter and the knowledge of their love child.

"The space shuttle Atlantis touched down gently at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Thursday morning, bringing the storied 30-year National Aeronautics and Space Administration program to an end and ceding dominion over human space travel to the Russians for now. "Mission complete, Houston," said commander Chris Ferguson over the radio. 

"After serving the world for over 30 years, the space shuttle has earned its place in history, and it's come to a final stop." It was the 135th mission of the shuttle era, which was marked by dazzling achievements, including the construction of the International Space Station." Full Article

"China's first manned deep-sea craft prepared for a landmark dive to 5,000 meters, or 16,400 feet, surpassing current U.S. capabilities. A United Nations body approved Beijing's plan to explore a swath of ocean floor between Africa and Antarctica for metal deposits." Full Article

"Companies are laying off employees at a level not seen in nearly a year, hobbling the job market and intensifying fears about the pace of the economic recovery.
Cisco Systems Inc., Lockheed Martin Corp. and troubled bookstore chain Borders Group Inc. are among those that have recently announced hefty cuts, while recent government numbers underscore how companies have shifted toward cutting jobs. 

The increase in layoffs is a key reason why the U.S. recorded an average of only 21,500 new jobs over the past two months, far below the level needed to bring down unemployment, which now stands at 9.2%." Full Article

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  1. Heat Wave they should call it Heat Curse.

  2. Heat Wave they should call it Heat Curse.

  3. Thankful for AC

  4. Willis7/21/2011

    That 2.3 million fine will wipe that grin of his face lol.

  5. Nice pic of the heat wave, wish it felt as pretty as it looks lol.


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