The Fashionista's Guide to Current Events & World News July 19, 2011!

The Fashionista's Guide to Current Events & World News July 19, 2011!

Katy Perry Smooching a Kangaroo. The pop princess tweeted this photo of herself smooching a Kangaroo with the caption "sucking face with a Kanga. yep"

Media Empire Billionaire Rupert Murdoch gets hit with a plate of shaving cream by a man who called him a "greedy billionaire". The incident occurred today during a British Parliament inquiry into the phone hacking allegations and potential criminal activity by his News Corp UK newspaper holdings. 

The News Corp Chairman and CEO has blamed others for the phone hacking and indicated that he would not resign. He said "I feel that people I trusted – I'm not saying who and I don't know what level – have let me down," he said. "I think they behaved dreadfully and betrayed the company and me and it's for them to pay. I think frankly that I am the best person to clean this up."

NBA player Lamar Odom and his wife Khloe Kardashian expressed their sympathies on twitter as news broke that a 15 year old teenager had been killed during an accident in NYC on Thursday. Lamar who was in Queens, NY to attend a cousin's funeral was in the back seat of the vehicle that struck the motorcycle, which then hit the teen. 

Witnesses at the scene claimed that Lamar was devastated and even cried. He later tweeted "Thank you for your support and prayers! My thoughts and prayers are with the young boys family."

Polish Model Anja Rubik said "I Do" to her boyfriend Sasha Knezevic in the Mediterranean island of Mallorca over the weekend. The Bride wore a Pucci mini dress with a long train and floor length veil.

Financial News: 

Debt Worries Roil Markets. 

"Worries about government debt rocked capital markets on both sides of the Atlantic Monday, as fears that the Greek crisis will spread combined with concerns at the standoff over the U.S. debt ceiling. 

The sell-off started in Europe, hitting bonds and stocks in countries regarded as vulnerable to contagion from Greece, and spread to the U.S. where the Dow Jones Industrial Average ended at its lowest level since late June after a wild session. 

Adding to the market woes were indications that, after months of shrugging off the debate over the U.S. debt ceiling, investors are getting edgy over Washington inaction ahead of an Aug. 2 deadline." Wall Street Journal


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  1. ♥ her wedding dress!

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