Emma Watson's "Naughty or Nice" Photo-Spread for Harper's Bazaar UK!

Emma Watson's "Naughty or Nice" Photo-Spread for Harper's Bazaar UK!

'Harry Potter' actress Emma Watson is quickly becoming a staple of high fashion magazines, as she blossoms into a young woman and explores different facets of her career. 

Her latest magazine cover is for 'Harper's Bazaar' UK, August 2011 issue. See some of Emma 's glam shots for her 'Harper's Bazaar' photo-spread titled "Emma Watson Naughty or Nice" below.

Are you a fan of Emma Watson and what do you think of her 'Harper's Bazaar' photos, are they Fab or Flub? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Very nice pics.

  2. luv the ones where she's dressed in white so angelic

  3. Adrien7/01/2011

    The photo in the black dress is so fierce reminds me of something I saw in vogue.

  4. wow that's a great shot of her walking in the grass.

  5. English beauty and class, she's got it all and she keeps her clothes on, some stars could learn from her.

  6. The camera luvs her.


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