Bring on the Nail Colors With a Fruity Twist!

Bring on the Nail Colors With a Fruity Twist!

The weekly Mani-pedi's and nail polish applications are a must for every fashionista, but don't you just hate the strong chemical scents that most nail polish brands release? Thankfully Revlon and a few other smart brands have solved this problem by releasing fruit scented nail polish collections. Below are our favorite nail colors with a fruity twist collections.

Revlon's collection of 8 fruit scented nail polish includes scents like 'peach smoothie', 'watermelon fizz' and 'cotton candy,' they retail for $5.99 each at your local drugstore.

Mattesse Elite's cocktail inspired collection is called "Happy Hour" with scents like 'apple martini' and 'tequilla sunrise,' they retail for $5.99 each.

Color Club's 'Wicked Sweet' nail polish collection features scents like 'raspberry rush' and 'I always get my man-darin' the set retails for $21.99.

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  1. funtastic colors!

  2. Luv the colors perfect for a rainbow manicure.

  3. They remind me of bubble gum :D


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