Aspiring Designer Spotlight on Jake Justin Tabudlo!

Aspiring Designer Spotlight on Jake Justin Tabudlo!

For this issue of Designer Spotlight we'd like to introduce our readers to the talented, aspiring designer, photographer and stylist Jake Justin Tabudlo. We were blown away by the detailed beauty and futuristic style of Jake's Haute Couture design sketches, some of which are shown below.

Born and raised in the Philippines Jake credits his mom for exposing him to and inspiring his love for fashion. He hopes for the opportunity to attend Fashion Design School in the near future. His fear is the same as that of every aspiring designer, that because of financial constraints he will not have the opportunity to present his designs to the world. He said "I dream someday to see my own human mannequin walk down the runway showcasing my fierce designs." 

We hope that he continues on the journey to achieving his dreams and that our feature story takes him one step closer. Take a look at some of Jake Justin Talbudlo's fierce Haute Couture Reptilian inspired design sketches below.

Photos by Jake Justin Tabudlo

What do you think of Jake Justin's Tabudlo's design sketches? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Felicia11:38

    wow these are really good!

  2. crystal11:38

    The first dress is crazy, luv it!

  3. I luv that they're futuristic but sexy!

  4. zena11:40

    Nice! Good luck to the designer.

  5. Incredible sketches good luck man.

  6. Cameron11:41

    Your designs are amazing you should keep at it.

  7. Now I feel like an armature my designs are not this good. Good luck.

  8. I would so wear that red outfit, luvs it!

  9. Bianka11:43

    So cool! Does he have a website?

  10. Joel22:56

    It reminds me of Lady Gaga.

  11. Anonymous18:39

    Amazing Jake.. keep it up..

  12. Anonymous02:28

    I love you dear cousin.. Will wear one of those... <3

  13. lizette tabudlo bernacer09:24

    so proud of you Jake..congrats!


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