Remarkable Stories: Four Year Old Australian Girl is an Art Prodigy!

Remarkable Stories: Four Year Old Australian Girl is an Art Prodigy!

At four years old, Australian Aelita Andre is already being hailed as a prodigy in the art world with comparisons to legends like Picasso. Aelita opened her first solo art exhibition " Prodigy of Color" on June 4th in NYC. The exhibit features her abstract, expressionist paintings which range in price from $4000 to $10000 each.

The child prodigy and her parents have undergone both immense scrutiny and praise from the press and art critics for the paintings she's created since she was only 20 months old. Aelita's work has been exhibited internationally and she has also appeared on television programs such as 60 Minutes

Now at four years, Aelita has proven that her painting ability is a natural talent, not a childish fluke or something learned, as she embarks on displaying her art here in the United States. 

Take a look at the video below of Aelita at her first art exhibition in NYC. For more information about Aelita Andre visit her website

Aelita Andre's 'Butterfly Nebula' painting currently on display in NYC.

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  1. gayle13:38


  2. Felicia13:39

    wow you can see the innocent influence of a child minds but they turn out so beautiful

  3. Carrey13:39

    Good for her and lucky parents.

  4. She seems so happy in the video, looks like she enjoys painting. Great parents for allowing her to do what comes naturally to children color.

  5. Luv this post would love to see more of her art.

  6. Pearl13:41

    My 2 year old still colors outside the lines, I'm going to try using paints instead messier, but I'm sure it will turn out beautiful.


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