New Movie Trailer: 'Dark Tide' Starring Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez!

New Movie Trailer: 'Dark Tide' Starring Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez!

Here is the official trailer of Halle Berry's upcoming movie 'Dark Tide' which she stars in alongside her current beau Olivier Martinez. According to IMDB the movie was filmed in South Africa last fall and is centered around a deep diving instructor (played by Halle) who returns to deep waters after a near fatal encounter with a great white shark. 

Olivier who plays the role of Halle’s husband in the movie “chooses ambition over his wife’s safety in a split second encounter with the jaws of death, leading to their marriage nearly falling apart.” Take a look at 'Dark Tide's' official trailer below.

Photo courtesy of IMDB

What do you think of Halle's new movie and will you go see Dark Tide when it hits theaters? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Reminds me of jaws

  2. corine6/16/2011

    Yea it does, they should just call it jaws returns and takes a bites into halle lmfao!

  3. lol bet she tastes good too!

  4. dats such a guy thing to say @perv G.
    Anyways movie looks ok nothing special.

  5. Anonymous6/17/2011

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