Lady Gaga's Surprisingly-Refreshing Natural-Makeup 'Spex' Magazine Cover!

Lady Gaga's Surprisingly-Refreshing Natural-Makeup 'Spex' Magazine Cover!

What a refreshing sight, German magazine Spex, has succeeded in getting Lady Gaga to turn down the gimmicks, over done costumes and lighten up on the makeup and facial horns long enough to show us her natural beauty and big, bold eyes. 

We're loving the innocent beauty she reflects in Spex Magazine's July/August 2011 cover photo below, hope to see more of this Lady Gaga in the future.

Lady Gaga's Spex magazine natural-makeup look cover photo VS
Lady Gaga "Born This Way" album artwork with hoards of makeup and protruding facial bones.

Which Lady Gaga look do you prefer? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Terrence6/13/2011

    almost didn't recognize her.

  2. Louise6/13/2011

    Gaga is that you??

  3. She's prettier like this.

  4. She looks all sweet and innocent compared to he scary pic below.

  5. She looks great without all the crap on her face.

  6. Don't get why people think you need loads of makeup and mo clothes to be beautiful.


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