Lady Gaga's 'Edge of Glory' Music Video Premiere!

Lady Gaga's 'Edge of Glory' Music Video Premiere!

Lately, Lady Gaga has been toning down the antics in her music videos and even her magazine photo-shoots. Her latest music video for her song 'Edge of Glory' is very different and calming, compared to the over-the-top drama that we expect from her. This new video allows her voice and the song to shine through, now it's time to convince her to stop applying fake lashes to the skin below her eyes, they belong on your eyelids Gaga.

In the video Gaga wears designs from Gianni Versace,  take a look at Lady Gaga's 'Edge of Glory' Music Video below.

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  1. Love this song, video is boring.

  2. Niki17:16

    disappointed I was expecting more for such a good song.

  3. Carrey17:16

    ♥ Gaga!

  4. I like the video, the song is good enough to stand on its own, no dancers or costumes needed.

  5. Amber17:18

    She reminds of cher and madonna and so many of the 80s singers in this video.

  6. Macy17:20

    @ Amber, agreed. there is nothing original about Gaga she just steals ideas and sounds from the 80s and feeds it to a generation of 90s babies who know nothing,they think she's original. You tube cher, madonna, cindy lauper, etc

  7. Anonymous23:09

    LFG - you have some really good posts and I look forward to reading about the fashion world. Your recent image blogs have been absolutely breathtaking! Why waste time promoting a lowly creature like lady Gaga??

    Just saying...

    ps - video sucks, i already regret watching the first 60 seconds...


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