Donna Karan's Sexy but Chic Resort 2012 Collection!

Donna Karan's Sexy but Chic Resort 2012 Collection!

Can't believe we missed the launch of Donna Karan's Resort 2012 Collection, guess we were too busy trying to keep up with the shows from the infamous international design brands. 

Thankfully we had a second look at the earlier runway shows and fell head over heels in love with Donna Karan's super chic, super feminine and super sexy Resort 2012 Collection. Take a look at our favorites below.

What do you think of Donna Karan's Resort 2012 Collection, is it Fab or Flub? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Anonymous6/11/2011

    pretty dresses

  2. very nice but you must but in tip-top shape to wear these dresses.

  3. The full skirts reminds me of Michelle Obama's style, don't know about the low neckline.

  4. @ Gayle, agree Michelle O would pull this off.

  5. Barbara6/11/2011

    The first dress is perfect!


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