Christina Aguillera 'Bares All' for W Magazine Cover and photo-shoot!

Christina Aguillera 'Bares All' for W Magazine Cover and photo-shoot!

Christina Aguillera will grace one of two covers for W magazine's July 2011 'Music and Style' issue, the other cover will feature none other than BeyonceW magazine's upcoming issue will interview music greats like Gaga, Kanye West, Pharell, Janell Monae, Yoko Ono, M.I.A and even designers like Karl Lagerfield and Donatella Versace.

Now that the name dropping is over, let's get back to Christina Aguillera's some what saintly, some what ghostly W Magazine photos and interview in which she "comes clean about her fall from grace and how she's singing her way back to the top."

(Side note: very creepy  photo.)

What do you think of Christina Aguillera's W magazine photos, are they fab or flub? Leave a comment below.

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  1. lol at the creepy photo comment

  2. LFG ur right the last photo is scary

  3. Xtina looks beautiful except for the last pic

  4. Hosham6/15/2011

    The title of this should be Xtina butt naked bahahahah

  5. Where is the Beyonce cover? I want to see that one no doubt its the ish!


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