Spring/Summer Beauty Tips: How to Look Like You're Wearing no Makeup!

Spring/Summer Beauty Tips: How to Look Like You're Wearing no Makeup!

It's time to put away the red lipsticks, dark eye liners and shadows. Spring/summer is the time to lighten up your makeup palettes and go for that young 'au naturel'  glow. 

Here are a few tips on how to look fresh faced and get that 'I'm wearing no makeup' look.

Cleanse: First cleanse your face using your favorite facial cleanser and a cotton pad to help exfoliate and remove any dry/dead skin.Then blot your face dry with a clean face towel.
Moisturize: Apply a facial moisturizer with sun protection, to give your skin that youthful moisture glow.

Conceal: Lightly use a concealer or foundation to cover any dark circles under the eyes or blemishes. (Do not over apply.) 

Eye Brows: Using a brow brush simply brush your brows into shape.

Eye Lids & Lashes: Line your upper lash with a brown eyeliner. Then Curl and use brown mascara on your lashes. (The key is to apply it lightly).

Cheeks: Use a soft pink or peach blush on your cheeks.

Lips: Use a sheer or tinted lip balm or lip color (stay as close as possible to your natural lip color). Then apply a clear gloss on top.

Finishing Touch: Complete your look by lightly applying a luminous powder to your face (i.e. forehead to chin, and left cheek to right cheek) this will give that sun kissed glow. 

Tip: Applying your makeup in an area with natural light will help to keep your makeup application minimal.

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  1. luv this thanks

  2. Tried it and loved it, I also did a light application of foundation all over my face.

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