Places That Take Your Breath Away!

Places That  Take Your Breath Away!

Beautiful, amazing, breathtaking, and one-of-a-kind are just some of the words expressed when one first lay eyes on the exotic and inspiring world destinations pictured below.

We highly recommend that you visit at least one of these places in your lifetime. The photos are but a shadow of their true beauty, they will leave you speechless.   

Breathtakingly beautiful Whitehaven Beach in Queensland, Australia.

Plitvice Lake in Croatia is a paradise to behold.

Simply out of this world Lake Kelimutu in Indonesia. Kelimutu is a volcano that has 3 summit crater lakes each with amazingly different colors. The lakes are green, blue and red and scientists are still unable to fully explain the varying colors phenomenon.

The absolutely surreal Halong Bay in Vietnam.

Remarkable view of the Napali coast in Kauai, Hawaii.

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Which Eco-tourist destinations would you like to visit? Any suggestions on places we could add to our list? Leave a comment below.

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  1. so beautiful

  2. Frieda5/17/2011

    they all look amazing

  3. Stunning!

  4. haha you're right I'm speechless.

  5. these would be perfect as posters and wall art.

  6. Freddy5/17/2011

    We live in a beautiful world

  7. Simply majestic all of it, really would like to visit them.

  8. These countries are breathtaking, you should also check out New Zealand.

  9. Lornett5/17/2011

    I was bitten by the travel bug years ago, I really love these photos and will visit a few of them. Go see India and China too, they have the most amazing places in the mountains.


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