Lady Gaga's Beyond Bizarre V Magazine Cover!

Lady Gaga's Beyond Bizarre V Magazine Cover!

Just when we thought she couldn't outdo herself, from the outrageous costumes, to barely any clothing, horns in her face and the list goes on but Lady Gaga has found a way to top it all off as she appears on the cover of the latest issue of V Magazine. Not sure which description would be more appropriate for this photo of Lady Gaga, her self titled "mother monster" or our pick "three-headed beast"?

Lady Gaga on the cover of V Magazine.

Lady Gaga in another one of her unique costumes on the streets of London yesterday.
Photos courtesy of Dailymail.

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  1. Stacy13:21

    hahaha she looks crazy in both photos

  2. Carol13:21

    omg so tired of her, she needs to disappear

  3. Don't hate on Gaga, she's original

  4. Jenna13:23

    no she's not she's a coy cat of Madonna except she has no talent so she has to use these stupid costumes to stay relevant.

  5. Urma13:24

    wtf is that? she gets uglier every time

  6. Kaylan13:24

    her pic is scary lmao


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