Are you a Victim of GLHD or GLHP "Girls Leaving Home Dressless-Pantless"?

Are you a Victim of GLHD or GLHP "Girls Leaving Home Dressless-Pantless"?

It's funny, creative and very informative, the GLHD and GLHP flow charts are a personal style guide to stop women from falling victim to their own fashion faux pas. These much needed style guides point out fashion don'ts like 'wearing tops as dresses' and/or  'wearing tights as pants'. 

Like the great Coco Chanel once said "a girl must be two things classy and beautiful." Take a look at the style charts below, to see if you or any one you know suffers from the GLHD or GLHP syndrome. (Click images for larger view.)

GLHD "Girls Leaving the House Dressless":

Lily Szajnberg and Keeli Davis created the GLHD flow chart.

GLHP "Girls Leaving the House Pantless":

Amy Sly's created the GLHP flow chart.
Photos courtesy of the Huffington post.

Does anyone you know suffer from GLHD or GLHP? And will you be sharing the chart with your friends? Leave a comment below.

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  1. lol so cool

  2. I know a lot of people who need this... sharing now!

  3. hehehe this is a great idea

  4. Brianna5/25/2011

    Why didnt I think of this # luv

  5. bahahaha "can we see your crack" lmao

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  7. Anonymous7/14/2011

    What words..


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