Celebrity Style: See Who's Fashion Fab/Flub While Trotting The Globe!

Celebrity Style: See who's Fashion Fab/Flub While Trotting The Globe!

Beyonce is Fashion Fab while dining out in Paris with her husband Jay-Z.

Jennifer Hudson is Fashion Fab in London as she promotes her new album "Remember Me".

90210's Jessica Lowndes is Fashion Fab in a Robert Rodriguez dress at the London premiere of "Arthur".

Katy Perry is Fashion Fab Flub at the London premiere of her husband's Russel Brand's movie "Arthur".

Megan Fox is Fashion Fab at the NYC Jaguar Event which she attended with her husband Brian Green.

Audrina Patridge is Fashion Fab at a Bongo Billboard Model party in NYC.

Model Selita EBanks is Fashion Fab in a Jay Godfrey Kimono at the Las Vegas launch of SKYY Infusions.

Which celebrity style do you think is Fashion/Flub? Leave a comment.

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