Breaking News: Eva Longoria Parker Files for Divorce From Tony Parker!

Eva Longoria Officially Files for Divorce From Tony Parker!

Actress Eva Longoria has officially filed for divorce from basketball player Tony Parker.

Divorce documents were filed in a Los Angeles Superior Court today citing irreconcilable differences and Eva Longoria has requested spousal support.

This news comes on the heels of circulating rumours of infidelity, claims that Tony Parker has been unfaithful and a statement from Eva Longoria's Rep that Tony Parker had not filed for divorce in a Texas court.
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  1. Anonymous13:29

    oh nooo sad

  2. Anonymous13:30

    dumb men how do u cheat on such beautiful women

  3. Anonymous13:30

    good for u eva get that spousal support

  4. Anonymous13:31

    women should not marry footballer and basket ballers those sports promote cheating these men are never faithful

  5. Anonymous13:32

    whats new in hollywood marriages dont last..they did good in hollywood 3yrs is a lifetime

  6. Anonymous13:32

    its those stupid groupies i bet u


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