Funny Videos: Sesame Street Spoofs Old Spice Commercial & LC's Fashion F**k Ups PSA!

Funny Videos: 'Sesame Street' Spoofs Famous Old Spice Commercial!

'Sesame Street's' blue monster named Grover is featured in the video below replacing actor Isaiah Mustafa as the Old Spice Guy. Check out the funny video of Grover wrapped in a towel as he tries to sell us on the adavantages of 'smelling like a monster', he even does the infamous "I'm on a horse scene". Hillarious!

Lauren Conrad's FFU PSA!

Check out this hillarious video on Lauren Conrad (from MTV's 'The Hills') pretending to do a humanitarian PSA that addresses the issues of FFU's ( Fashion Fuck Ups).

What do you think of 'Sesame Street's' Old Spice spoof and Lauren Conrad's FFU? Leave a comment.

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