Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas: What Not To Wear!

Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas: What Not To Wear!

When celebrities forget to consult their stylists or look in the mirror on their way out, this is the result. See photos of Rihanna, Katie Holmes etc and their major fashion faux-pas.

Demi Lovato does floral patters, tons of thrills and batman wings all at once, need we say more?

Katie Holmes goes floral ugly in the fall. Katie it's time to buy a mirror and stop taking fashion advice from Suri

Sienna Miller ignored the fashion rule of not mixing stripes and animal prints when she wore this hideous outfit.

Rihanna wore this unflattering, mismatched ensemble in London over the weekend.

We've come to expect great fashion from Salma Hayek especially during Paris Fashion Week but this ensemble needs to be tossed out, too much going on.
 Who is your pick for worst dressed celebrity? Leave a comment.


  1. omg they're a mess

  2. Anonymous10/05/2010

    haha salma is ok except for the turban lol

  3. Anonymous10/05/2010

    katie is so blah

  4. whats wrong with rihanna lately, she's a train wreck


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