Star Sightings: See What Your Favourite Stars Were Up To This Weekend!

Star Sightings: See What Your Favourite Stars Were Up To This Weekend!

Back by popular demand here is the Lush fab Glam version of celebrity stalking and we have lots of pictures thanks to the paparazzi. If your favourite celebrities did not make the cut, chances are their fashions weren't up to par this weekend.

Sunday's Star Studded NFL Game: The Miami Dolphins vs New York Jets game brought out lots of celebrities including Fergie, Marc Anthony and Enrique Iglesias who performed and VIP spectators like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Anna Kournikova and Serena Williams. See their fab photos below.
Fergie (Black Eyes Peas) sang the national anthem with Marc Anthony 

Kim Kardashian took in the game from the VIP booth.

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias who performed during the half time show.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Rapper Lil Kim in Charlotte North Carolina this weekend for the opening of her new business venture (salon). Pictured below are actress Megan Good (left) and Lil Kim (center) looking as fabulous as ever.

Halle Berry goes shopping in LA with her adorable daughter Nahla in tow. 

Rihanna snapped in NYC this weekend wearing this colorful and patterned get-up on the set of her new video for "What's My Name." 

Which stars get your vote for Fab fashion? Leave a comment.
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  1. Riri lools like a circus performer lol

  2. lil kim looks real good, she cleans up nice

  3. OMG enrique and anna are still together? kool!

  4. Anonymous9/27/2010

    riri looks pretty but i still hate the red hair

  5. Anonymous9/27/2010

    halle is one hot mama

  6. ughhh so tired of kim she always wears the same things tight dress or blazer lol


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