Celebrity Style Gone Wrong

Celebrity Style Gone Wrong!

Even the stars have bad hair, makeup and fashion days. Take a look at these celebrities who left home without consulting the mirror or their stylists.

Julianne Moore looking a far cry from her recent sexy, and very nude photos for Bulgari's Ad campaign. We can't blame her for covering up, her nude Ads have since been banned in Europe.

Oh Jessica Simpson, hope this outfit went straight to the donation pile.

Leightoon Meester trying her best to break free from her Gossip Girl character (conservative fashionista Blair Waldorf) by channeling a Las Vegas showgirl instead?

Beleieve it or not both Simpson sisters made the list, here is Ashlee Simpson showing us what bad extensions and makeup application look like.

LeAnn Rimes looks nothing like a birthday girl in this picture, looks like someone's makeup artist quit right before this event.

We usually love Victoria Beckham, but after seeing this photo we recommend she stick to paying her makeup artists and never try applying the smokey-eye look herself.

Which celebrity do you think has the worst style? Leave a comment.

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  1. hahaha wow the first 3 are horrible especially jessica

  2. why did they take photos looking that horrible. Iguess the recession affected celebs too they can't afford stylists.lol

  3. lol lol funny post.


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